Date: November 2023 – Scientific American


Maya astronomers predicted eclipses

“The Mayans had been expert astronomers with the bare eye. It now appears that they will predict photo voltaic eclipses. That is the results of the brand new evaluation of the ‘Desk of Venus’ and the ‘Lunar Desk’ contained within the Maya guide ‘Dresden Codex’. By calculation in multiples of the particular ‘Holy 12 months’ With their 260-day interval, Maya astronomers appear to have found two several types of periodicity within the frequency of eclipses: a “brief” interval of 9,360 days (36 sacred years) and a “lengthy” interval of 11,960 days (46 sacred years). In Mesoamerica, the desk would have offered passable predictions from AD 42 to AD 886.

Sourdough micro organism

“Early prospectors within the American West carried the substances for the extremely acidic breads that earned them the identify ‘sourdough.’ This bread is now baked commercially in San Francisco, however the organism chargeable for the bread’s distinctive sourness has solely just lately been recognized. Found by Leo Klein and T.F. Sugihara of the USDA created a fortuitous combination of yeast.Saccharomyces exiguus– And micro organism, apparently from the genus Lactobacillus. For speedy progress, micro organism want the sugar maltose, from which they produce lactic acid and acetic acid, which trigger the bitter style. Yeast tolerates this acidic setting, and ferments carbohydrates apart from maltose to provide carbon dioxide, which leavens the bread. The proposed identify for the brand new species is Lactobacillus san francisco.


Anesthesia of dormant flowers

“In 1908, florists complained that carnations when positioned in greenhouses would cease working, and that those who didn’t open would fail to take action, inflicting a big loss of their enterprise. An investigation established that ethylene launched from leaking gasoline fittings was the trigger This has just lately prompted Dr. Lockhardt and Mr. Carter of the College of Chicago to check the gasoline as an anesthetic. The gasoline was first tried on a number of animals. Then the experimenters tried it on themselves. They describe the impact of the gasoline combined with oxygen as giving a sense of well-being. They misplaced consciousness after which recovered. Then he volunteered Many college students. Topics had pins positioned on their arms, and had been pinched laborious sufficient to depart black and blue areas. The brand new drug is alleged to trigger lack of sensation with none signal of suffocation, shortness of breath, or impact on blood stress. The one impact afterwards was weak point Slight and slight nausea.

No neutrons (but)

“We have now step by step realized that electrical energy exists in two kinds, the adverse type, which is named the electron, and the optimistic type, which is now starting to be referred to as the proton. The bodily universe seems to be constructed on these two components. Each the electron and the proton are a lot smaller than an atom of matter. It’s doable that every Each have weight, although a proton weighs 1,830 electrons. Nevertheless it’s not considerably bigger. The reality is, we do not know a lot about that. Whether or not the proton is a ultimate unit, or whether or not it may be diminished to a coherent assortment of less complicated elements, which What would clarify its spectacular weight or mass stays to be found sooner or later.


Can birds sense cholera?

“It’s doable that birds, indirectly, take discover of cholera within the air. Current European journals point out that in Munich, the place a number of circumstances of cholera occurred, all of the crows and crows migrated, flying across the church towers and thru the timber of the general public parks. The identical factor occurred Through the cholera seasons of 1836 and 1854. The identical phenomenon occurred in Mauritius, the place martens, which existed in big numbers all year long, utterly disappeared throughout the cholera outbreak.

Scientific American magazine covers from November 1973, 1923, and 1873.

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