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Canada is famous for its vast and beautiful landscapes, and it also has a thriving aviation industry. If you’re a pilot looking for new opportunities and interested in working in Canada, you’ll be happy to know that there are many pilot jobs available with visa sponsorship. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of pilot jobs Canada, explain the visa sponsorship process, and share important things to consider for aspiring pilots.

What Does a Pilot Do?

 Pilot Jobs Canada

A pilot is someone who’s been trained and licensed to operate and navigate aircraft, like airplanes, helicopters, and other flying machines. Pilots have the important job of flying and controlling the aircraft, making sure that passengers and cargo are safe, and following instructions from air traffic control. They are highly skilled professionals who play a crucial role in the aviation industry.

How Much Do Pilots Earn in Canada?

The salary of a pilot in Canada varies based on where they work, the company, and their experience. On average, a pilot in Canada earns about $81,056 per year, or $29.01 per hour.


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Top Companies for Pilots in Canada

Many people are interested in becoming pilots but might not know where to start when applying for jobs. We’ve done some research and listed the top companies that offer pilot jobs Canada, along with links to their application websites:

  1. Helicopter Transport Services
    • Hourly: $18.97 to $41.64
    • Yearly: $39,472 to $89,450
    • Apply Here
  2. WestJet Airlines
    • Hourly: $15.00 to $54.89
    • Yearly: $30,984 to $159,112
    • Apply Here
  3. Ornge
    • Hourly: $26.99 to $50.85
    • Yearly: $60,873 to $108,556
    • Apply Here
  4. Jazz Aviation LP
    • Hourly: $15.79 to $27.69
    • Yearly: $38,716 to $96,059
    • Apply Here
  5. Air Canada
    • Hourly: $14.00 to $37.20
    • Yearly: $28,000 to $104,560
    • Apply Here
  6. Alberta Innovates
    • Hourly: $21.00 to $29.92
    • Yearly: $46,256 to $91,024
    • Apply Here
  7. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Hourly: $19.76 to $44.38
    • Yearly: $45,768 to $97,255
    • Apply Here

Here are some cities near Canada that offer high-paying pilot jobs:

  1. Saskatoon, SK: $43.99 per hour, $122,899 per year
  2. Leask, SK: $40.78 per hour, $113,926 per year
  3. Calgary, AB: $36.28 per hour, $101,344 per year
  4. Toronto, ON: $31.52 per hour, $88,069 per year
  5. Vancouver, BC: $28.72 per hour, $80,227 per year
  6. Edmonton, AB: $18.04 per hour, $50,390 per year
  7. Ottawa, ON: $19.67 per hour, $54,941 per year
  8. London, ON: $15.17 per hour, $42,385 per year
  9. Regina, SK: $26.93 per hour, $75,245 per year

Well-Paying Pilot Jobs in Canada

Canada’s aviation industry is strong and continually growing, creating a high demand for skilled pilots. Whether you’re interested in working for big airlines, hauling cargo, or flying corporate jets, you’ll find opportunities that match your skills and interests.

  1. Airline Pilots These pilots work for commercial airlines and are responsible for flying passengers and cargo on regular flights. They can be First Officers (co-pilots) or Captains (the head pilot). But remember, being an airline pilot requires meeting strict licensing and experience criteria.
  2. Personal Pilots Personal pilots are folks who fly for non-commercial reasons. They often own or rent smaller aircraft and use them for fun flying, business trips, or just getting around.
  3. Cargo Pilots Cargo pilots work for cargo airlines, moving goods and freight to various places. Their job is to make sure the cargo arrives safely and on time.
  4. Helicopter Pilots Helicopter pilots specialize in flying helicopters, which have unique flight characteristics. They’re used for a variety of tasks, including search and rescue, transportation, and aerial work.
  5. Military Pilots Military pilots serve in the armed forces, flying military aircraft for defense, surveillance, and combat missions. Their training is intense, and they might operate fighter jets, transport planes, or helicopters.
  6. Crop Dusters and Agricultural Pilots These pilots work in agriculture, often using small planes to spray fertilizers, pesticides, or other materials on crops.
  7. Bush Pilots Bush pilots operate in remote and challenging environments, providing transportation and support to communities in isolated areas. This is especially common in regions like Canada and Alaska.

Becoming a Pilot

To become a pilot, you need to go through training, which includes flight school, simulators, and real-world experience. You’ll need licenses like a private pilot’s license or an airline transport pilot’s license, depending on your career goals and the type of planes you want to fly.

You also have to pass health checks to make sure you’re physically and mentally fit for the job. Staying up to date with rules and safety measures is crucial to keep everyone safe.

Requirements for Working at Air Canada

If you want to be a pilot at Air Canada, here are the requirements:

  1. 2000 hours of flight time on airplanes.
  2. A Category 1 medical certificate, which means you need to pass specific medical and vision exams.
  3. Hold a Canadian Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) with a multi-engine rating.
  4. Be a Landed Immigrant or a Canadian Citizen.
  5. Have an Identity Card for Restricted Areas (RAIC).

Job Benefits

Besides a good salary, there are other perks to being a pilot:

  • You get to be a part of company events.
  • Dental care is provided.
  • Disability insurance is available.
  • There’s an employee assistance program.
  • You have access to extended health care.
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule.
  • Housing allowance might be provided.
  • Life insurance is part of the package.
  • You can get discounts at stores.
  • Vision care is covered too.

Pilot Job Canada Duties and Responsibilities

Every job comes with its own set of duties and responsibilities. For pilot jobs Canada, here are the important tasks to keep in mind before applying:

  • Safely operate and control the aircraft during takeoff, flight, and landing.
  • Monitor and manage aircraft systems like engines, navigation, and communication equipment.
  • Plan and carry out flight routes, considering weather, air traffic, and fuel.
  • Communicate with air traffic control and follow their directions.
  • Perform checks before and after flights to ensure the aircraft is safe to fly.
  • Handle passenger and cargo loads to ensure proper weight distribution.
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and crew during the flight.
  • Deal with in-flight emergencies and make decisions to reduce risks.
  • Stay updated on aviation rules and industry standards.
  • Keep records of flight activities and report any incidents or technical problems.
  • Continuously undergo training and evaluations to maintain certifications and skills.

How to Apply for Pilot Jobs Canada

Many people wonder how to secure job sponsorship in Canada. It’s quite straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure you meet the necessary requirements, including holding the required pilot licenses, certifications, and experience.
  • Create a professional resume or CV that highlights your relevant experience, qualifications, and skills.
  • Search for pilot job listings on trusted job websites like indeed.com, linkedln.com, company websites, and aviation job boards.
  • Submit your application through the company’s website or as specified in the job listing.
  • Be ready to fulfill Canada’s immigration and work visa requirements, which may involve applying for a work permit or visa sponsorship.
  • If you’re shortlisted, prepare for interviews, which might include technical assessments, psychological evaluations, and personal interviews.
  • Provide all necessary documents, such as pilot licenses, medical certificates, and references.
  • Collaborate with the employer to obtain the required visa sponsorship and documents.

Different Kinds of Visas for Pilot Jobs Canada

  1. Work Permit: This visa lets pilots work legally in a foreign country and is typically connected to a specific job or employer.
  2. Employer-Sponsored Visa: In some countries, there are special visa categories for skilled workers, and these visas are often sponsored by employers.
  3. Resident Visa: Pilots who intend to work and live in a foreign country for an extended period may seek this type of visa.
  4. Temporary Resident Visa: This visa is necessary for pilots coming from countries with entry visa requirements, even if they have a work permit.
  5. Training Visa: For pilots undergoing training in a foreign country, this type of visa is available.

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