The entomologist discovers a good looking new species of damselfly fly

Dr. Kenneth Tensena researcher with the Florida State Arthropod Assortment described A brand new species of the damselfly genus Psaironora From Central and South America.

A male of Psaironeura angeloi sits along a small stream, near Chindul, in Manabi Province, Ecuador.  Image credit: KJ Tensen.

Male from Psaironora angeloi Floating alongside a small stream, close to Shindol, in Manabi Province, Ecuador. Picture credit score: KJ Tensen.

Psaironora It’s a small genus of slender and delicate neotropical dam bugs.

The genus at present consists of at the least six scientifically acknowledged species.

It extends from east-central Mexico to northern Brazil and northern Bolivia.

“The household that Psaironora He was positioned, ProtonoridaeLately reclassified, the Neotropical members of this polyphyletic “household” are actually a part of the already bigger household of damselflies, CoenagrionidaeDr. Tensen stated.

Description of the brand new species, Psaironora angeloiprimarily based on a number of samples from Ecuador and extra samples from Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Psaironora angeloi It extends from northwestern Ecuador, north to western Venezuela, and west to Nicaragua.

“The brand new species is carefully associated to… Relax with Cyronoraa Mexican/northern Central American species with broad, leafy male cerci.

“In life, the eyes of the brand new species are vibrant crimson in males versus inexperienced and black in males Calm down with Cyronora“.

Psaironora angeloi Its whole size is simply 3.7 cm, the entrance wings are between 1.8 and a couple of.1 cm lengthy, and the hind wings are between 1.6 and a couple of cm lengthy.

Psaironora angeloi “They have been collected in small streams with woody vegetation on the banks,” Dr. Tensen stated.

“Males perch on partially shaded crops at and above the water’s edge, a habits typical of the intercourse.”

“I didn’t see mating makes an attempt or some other type of reproductive habits in the course of the midday hours after I encountered this species.”

“Nymphs of all 5 species Psaironora It stays undescribed.”

“The nymphs are undoubtedly very small and certain inhabit shallow drops of seepage, making them tough to seek out.”

This discovery was reported in A paper Within the journal Zotaxa.


Kenneth J. Tensen. 2016. Psaironora angeloia brand new species of damselfish fly (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae) from Central and South America. Zotaxa 4078(1):028-037; doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4078.1.5

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